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                                             November 2005 / February 2006 records

February / April 2006 records


                                              30/04/06 : Trailer of "Snow cake"


                                             You can watch the trailer of "Snow cake" here,

                                                        and some captures of it on CatsPlay' s website

                                                        or in the Gallery. Thanks CatsPlay !

                                                       EDIT : You can download now directly the trailer

                                                       on the site, in the "Videos" category. ( Thanks to

                                                      INTJ )


                                          30/04/06 : Questions & Answers about

                                         "My name is Rachel Corrie"


                                         On Friday evening, the play has been followed

                                                   by 40 minutes of Questions & Answers, in the

                                                   presence of Alan Rickman, Megan Dodds and

                                                  Katharine Viner. You can find some photos of

                                                                                                             the event on Dee' s LiveJournal or in the

                                                                                                             Gallery. Thanks Dee !


                                                                                       30/04/06 : New photos of Alan in



                                                                                                   You can find 2 new photos of Alan in "Perfume"

                                                                                                             on that website or in the Gallery. Thanks to

                                                                                                             QwertyFlo for the information.


                                                                                       28/04/06 : Update of the website


                                                                                        The categories Fan arts ( avatars, wallpapers,

                                                                                                              photomontages and signatures ), Videos ( some

                                                                                                              others will be uploaded today or tomorrow )

                                                                                                              and the Photo Gallery have been updated. 


                                                                                        28/04/06 : Silence about Severus


                                                                                        According to The Leaky Cauldron, the British

                                                                                                              newspaper "The Express" has recently asked

                                                                                                              to Alan if Severus Snape was on the good or on

                                                                                                              the evil side. He said : "I never talk about Severus

                                                                                                              or Harry Potter but I will only say the filming is

                                                                                                              going very well indeed."


                                                                                        28/04/06 : Alan in New-York


                                                                                                              According to this article, Alan would leave for

                                                                                                              New-York on Monday, to find a theater which

                                                            would wish to represent his play. Moreover, he

                                                                                                              could also go to the Tribeca Film Festival, as we

                                                                                                              said before, because "Snow cake" is screened



                                                                                        28/04/06 : New Alan participation for a

                                                                                        charity action


                                                                                                     Alan Rickman is one of the artists who support

                                                                                                              the safeguard of the cinema Curzon, in Clevedon,

                                                                                                              in the Somerset, which is one of the oldest cinemas

                                                                                                              in the world. Actually, according to this article,

                                                                                                              he' d actively support the campaign organized by

                                                                                                              the cinema to rebuild the roof because it would

                                                                                                              necessitate 170 000 £.


                                                                                        26/04/06 : "My name is Rachel Corrie"

                                                                                        at the Edinburgh Festival


                                                                                         According to this article from the Variety

                                                                                                               magazine, a tour of the play directed by Alan

                                                                                                               Rickman is planned for August, beginning by

                                                                                                               the Edinburgh Festival ( from August 13th to

                                                                                                               September 3rd ) and which will include some

                                                                                                               other towns like Sheffield or Dublin.


                                                                                         26/04/06 : Release dates for "Harry

                                                                                         Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"


                                                                                                      According to The Leaky Cauldron and the

                                                                                                                Warner, the next adventures of the young wizard

                                                                                                                will be released in France on July 11th of 2007,

                                                                                                                 in Germany on July 12th, in Canada, Great-Britain,

                                                                                                                USA and Ireland on July 13th, in Hungary on 19th,

                                                                                                                Bulgary on July 20th and in Australia on September



                                                                                          20/04/06 : Alan' s hat sold on Ebay


                                                                                                       According to this article, Alan has given one of

                                                                                                                his hats, as Bill Nighy, Ewan McGregor, or

                                                                                                                Emma Thompson, for an auction on Ebay, for

                                                                                                                the association DEBRA, which fight against the

                                                                                                                genetic skin blistering condition EB (Epidermolysis



                                                                                          14/04/06 : Happy Easter !


                                                                                           Alan Rickman Paradise wishes to you

                                                                                                                  a very good Easter week-end. Don' t eat too much

                                                                                                                  chocolate ! ;)


                                                                                           14/04/06 : Update of the site


                                                                                                         Many Animated Gifs have been added in the Fan

                                                                                                                  arts category of the website.


                                                                                           05/04/06 : An Easter egg drawn by Alan

                                                                                           sold on Ebay for an association


                                                                                                            Alan has drawn an Easter egg, which is sold on

                                                                                                                Ebay for the association Gatwick Detainees

                                                                                                                Welfare Group. Other celebrities did that too, like

                                                                                                                Ian McKellen, Johanna Lumley or Richard Curtis.

                                                                                                                (Thank you CatsPlay).

                                                                                                                EDIT : The drawing has almost been sold 506 £ !


                                                                                          05/04/06 : Photos of the Beckett centenary

                                                                                          at Reading


                                                                                          As we said before, Alan went to Reading last

                                                                                                               Sunday to read some Beckett works. He was

                                                                                                               surrounded by other artists, like Jude Law or

                                                                                                               Anthony Minghella. You can find some photos of

                                                                                                               the event on the Gallery. (Thanks to Sue and Emily

                                                                                                               from ARDH and Sheena from Alan Rickman Pics

                                                                                                               & Fics).


                                                                                        05/04/06 : "My name is Rachel Corrie"

                                                                                        premiere at the Playhouse Theater


                                                                                                     According to this article from the website

                                                                                                    , "My name is Rachel Corrie"

                                                                                                              premiere took place at the Playhouse Theater, in

                                                                                                             London, on the last Thursday. A party followed it

                                                                                                             on board of the RS Hispaniola on Thames, where

                                                                                                             we found as guests, Alan Rickman, Megan Dodds,

                                                                                                             Katharine Viner, David Johnson, Ben Chaplin,

                                                                                                             Miranda Richardson, Miriam Margolyes or Linsday

                                                                                                             Duncan. You can find some photos of the event

                                                                                                             at the end of the article, clicking on "next".

                                                                                                             You can find my review of the play I saw on Saturday

                                                                                                             evening, on the forum, in the "Theater" category,

                                                                                                             with some photos of the theater.


                                                                                       05/04/06 : Alan could play Jack Straw ?


                                                                                                   According to this article from the Lancashire

                                                                                                            Evening Telegraph, Alan Rickman is a possible

                                                                                                            choice, with Al Pacino and Steve Coogan, to play

                                                                                                            the British secretary Jack Straw, in the next

                                                                                                            Michael Winterbottom movie, adapted from the

                                                                                                            Craig Murray's book, "Murder in Samarkand".


                                                                                       29/03/06 : Beckett centenary Festival


                                                                                                    The short film "Play", directed by Anthony

                                                                                                             Minghella, with Alan Rickman, Juliet Stevenson

                                                                                                             and Kristin Scott-Thomas, will be screened at the

                                                                                                             Beckett centenary Festival, at the Barbican

                                                                                                             Theatre, in London, on April 2nd, at 3 P.M.

                                                                                                             Moreover, if he's free, Alan will be present at

                                                                                                             7 P.M at the Gala Evening, for the association

                                                                                                             Macmillan Cancer Relief, at the Reading Town Hall,

                                                                                                             where readings and recitals will be performed about

                                                                                                             Beckett. Jude Law and Anthony Minghella, among

                                                                                                             other people, will be there too.


                                                                                       29/03/06 : "My name is Rachel Corrie" in

                                                                                       Seattle ?


                                                                                                   According to this article of the Seattle Times, the

                                                                                                            play directed by Alan Rickman will be performed in

                                                                                                            Seattle, at the Repertory Theatre, from March 15th

                                                                                                            to April 22th of 2007.


                                                                                      19/03/06 : "Snow cake" at the Tribeca Film



                                                                                                    After the Belfast and Hong-Kong festivals, it's the

                                                                                                            Tribeca Film Festival which will show "Snow cake".

                                                                                                            It will take place in New-York, from April 25th to

                                                                                                            May 7th.


                                                                                      15/03/06 : Update of the site


                                                                                      The Fan arts category has been updated and some photos

                                                                                                            have been added to the Photo gallery.


                                                                                      15/03/06 : "Brokeback castle" by RedTango


                                                                                      RedTango has updated her site Alan Rickman Gallery

                                                                                                           with a very funny page about the Snape / Karkaroff

                                                                                                           relationship in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire".


                                                                                     15/03/06 : "My name is Rachel Corrie"


                                                                                     A meeting with Alan Rickman, Megan Dodds and

                                                                                                          Katharine Viner (if they're free) will take place at the

                                                                                                          Playhouse Theater, in London, after the performance

                                                                                                          of the play "My name is Rachel Corrie", on April 28th.

                                                                                                          However, it will be only for the members of the


                                                                                                          Moreover, 2 petitions are now online

                                                                                                           to put the play on stage in New-York, after the

                                                                                                           postponement by the New-York Theatre Workshop a

                                                                                                          few days ago. The first petition has been created by

                                                                                                          Rickmansweb, and the second, by "The Brooklyn Rail".


                                                                                     12/03/06 : Opening of the Photo gallery


              The Photo gallery of the website is now opened at this

                                                                                                           address. Many photos will be added as I go along. To

                                                                                                           enter in the gallery, you only have to register. On the

                                                                                                           other hand, the movie and TVfilm captures will be in

                                                                                                           the  "Movies" and "Television" categories of the



                                                                                     12/03/06 : French release of the DVD "The

                                                                                     Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"


                                                                                                 The DVD of the movie, in which Alan Rickman dubs the

                                                                                                         depressed robot Marvin, will be released in France on

                                                                                                         March 15th, and it will contain some extra-footage.


                                                                                    12/03/06 : "Snow cake" screened in several



                                                                                                After having been screened at the Berlin Film Festival in

                                                                                                        February, "Snow cake" will be shown at the Belfast

                                                                                                        Film Festival, from March 29th, and at the Hong-Kong

                                                                                                        one, from April 19th 2006. The movie, with Alan Rickman

                                                                                                        and Sigourney Weaver, would be released on November

                                                                                                        2nd in Germany. (Thanks to ARDH for that information).


                                                                                   06/03/06 : Deleted scene from the "Harry Potter

                                                                                   and the Goblet of fire" DVD


                                                                                   The "Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire" DVD, which

                                                                                                        will be released soon in USA, will contain, as we said

                                                                                                        before, a deleted scene with Severus Snape and Igor

                                                                                                        Karkaroff. You can see captures of it on the gallery of the

                                                                                                        Portus website. Thanks to UHP for the information.


                                                                                   01/03/06 : Alan in Scotland for his 60th birthday


                                                                                   According to Suzanne's website, Alan has spent his 60th

                                                                                                       birthday in Scotland, in Ullapool, a fishing village. He

                                                                                                       has visited the Ceilidh Place hotel, a popular venue for

                                                                                                       artists and musicians.


                                                                                  01/03/06 : Vote for Alan as the "Most attractive

                                                                                  man" of February


                                                                                 You can vote for Alan on the Hello magazine website, as

                                                                                                      the "Most attractive man" of February. You can vote

                                                                                                      every 15 minutes.


                                                                                 28/02/06 : Article from


                                                                                              Ryan Murphy, from the AskMen magazine, has written an

                                                                                                     article about 11 actors people remembers the face but not

                                                                                                     the name. Alan is the 8th on the list. (Thanks to Daniel Morin)


                                                                                28/02/06 : Article about the "My name is Rachel

                                                                                Corrie" cancellation in New-York


                                                                                This article from the newspaper The Guardian explains

                                                                                                    why the artistic director of the New-York Theater

                                                                                                    Workshop, James Nicola, has "postponed" the play

                                                                                                    directed by Alan Rickman for at least one year. In fact,

                                                                                                    after having consulted the New-York Jewish communities,

                                                                                                    James Nicola would have thought that it was risked to put

                                                                                                    the play on stage, in a strained Middle-East context, in

                                                                                                    particular since Ariel Sharon's illness and the election of

                                                                                                   Hamas. Alan Rickman thinks that it's a real cancellation

                                                                                                    and a censorship of his play.


                                                                                                    EDIT : the play will be back to London on March 30 th,

                                                                                                    until May 21th, at the London's Playhouse Theatre.

                                                                                                    There will be a Premiere on March 28th. (Thanks CatsPlay)


                                                                                25/02/06 : "The Villa Golitsyn" : new Alan

                                                                                project ?


                                                                               According to this article, Alan would begin soon the

                                                                                                   shooting of the movie directed by Peter Medak, "The Villa

                                                                                                   Golitsyn", with Kristin Scott-Thomas too. This movie, based

                                                                                                    on the Piers Paul Read book, will be shot in the South of

                                                                                                    France. Here is the summary.


                                                                                                    EDIT : According to this article, Alan would play Willy,

                                                                                                    and the shooting would begin in Spring 2006.










































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